Rothstein Donatelli LLP

Practice Areas

Criminal Law:

The firm represents a wide variety of clients facing charges in federal, state and tribal courts locally and nationwide.  Five partners handle white collar cases, national drug cases, violent crimes, capital cases, witness and victim representation, forfeiture matters, as well as security and clearance issues. The firm has also developed a strong reputation in the defense of matters related to archaeological crimes, as well as business-related medical care, and nursing home investigations.

Indian Law:

The Indian Law Practice group of Rothstein Donatelli LLP is nationally recognized for its work with tribes and tribal entities. Partners Richard W. Hughes and Donna M. Connolly lead the Indian law practice in the Santa Fe Office, along with associates Reed Bienvenu and Caroline “KC” Manierre. The Tempe Office is staffed by partners Eric N. Dahlstrom and April E. Olson and associates Jaclyn “Jackie” Johnson and Glennas’ba Augborne. Collectively, the Santa Fe and Tempe Offices have over 100 years of experience in virtually the full range of federal Indian law and tribal law subjects including: Indian gaming, land and water rights, natural resources, labor and employment law, federal-tribal relations, social service matters, the Indian Child Welfare Act, tribal health law, real estate, civil litigation and tribal business transactions. Rothstein Donatelli LLP is equipped to handle large scale matters such as complex litigation, as well as day-to-day advice to tribal governments or tribal entities on a broad array of issues. The attorneys at Rothstein Donatelli LLP offer quality legal services tailored to each tribal client and are well versed in the complexity of tribal matters.

Civil Litigation:

Rothstein Donatelli LLP prides itself on the experience and advocacy skills of our civil litigation section. Since 1976, our partners, associates and litigation staff have been involved in some of the most complex, cutting-edge litigation, ranging from business torts to class actions, intellectual property, wrongful death and catastrophic injuries, employment and civil rights.

Our litigation strategy is carefully crafted through establishing close working relationships with our clients, gaining an understanding of their interests and jointly developing options to accomplish the client's goals while being aware of economic reality. We emphasize professionalism, dedication to the client's interests and the capacity to respond skillfully, imaginatively and quickly as the client's needs may dictate.

Our civil practice section works closely with all other groups within the firm. This allows us to bring our civil experience and skills to bear on issues which may arise in our criminal law and Indian law.  We provide representation in cases which have both civil and criminal aspects to them, such as governmental ethics and alleged misconduct claims.  We supply strategic civil options and alternatives for the resolution of potential criminal matters.  We also provide representation of witnesses, crime victims, persons subject to forfeiture proceedings and businesses in need of corporate audits.  It is extremely rare to find a firm that combines knowledge, skill and extensive experience in both civil and criminal areas, as well as in our Indian law practice.

Civil Rights and Governmental Liability:

Since 1976, Rothstein Donatelli LLP has been synonymous with excellence, imagination and courageous advocacy in the representation of persons wronged by the government. Whether the case involves death or other serious injury at the hands of a law enforcement officer or other government employee, false arrest or imprisonment, malicious prosecution, failure to protect citizens from criminals, jail conditions, government employment, retaliation for protected speech or other First Amendment activities, or any other situation in which the might and resources of the government are used to oppress a citizen, Rothstein Donatelli LLP has the skill, experience, resources, courage and commitment to stand up for the victim.  This is reflected in the recent ground-breaking $5.25 million settlement in a case brought by seven victims of sexual attacks on young students as part of condoned hazing at a high school football camp.

Whether the case involves excess force, illegal searches or  retaliation for whistleblower activity, these are not routine matters. They require mature judgment, in-depth knowledge of the ever-evolving law in this area, and the resources and determination to take on the government. One technical misstep, one missed obscure deadline or failure to be aware of the latest Supreme Court decision can spell disaster for a meritorious case.

We will be at your side every step of the way and will bring to the case the resources, knowledge and skill necessary to vindicate your rights. Our Firm has secured numerous multi-million dollar recoveries, as well as reform of police practices, jail conditions and improved working conditions on behalf of clients whose civil rights were violated.

It is important to understand that cases of this type may be subject to short notice deadlines and statutes of limitations which are different from other types of cases. If you believe that your rights have been violated or you have otherwise been the victim of governmental misconduct, it is essential that you contact an attorney regarding your claim at once. We encourage you to call Rothstein Donatelli LLP for a free initial consultation regarding your case. 

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injuries:

There are literally dozens of lawyers out there with billboards and television ads seeking to represent persons involved in fender-benders. Rothstein Donatelli LLP is different. Our personal injury practice is limited to death and catastrophic injury cases. Catastrophic injuries include such matters as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and paralysis, paraplegia and quadraplegia, amputation and severe burns. These types of cases require not only enormous resources but specialized knowledge of the medical and economic issues involved. Frequently, the ability to successfully litigate such cases involves the selection of highly competent, professionally qualified and respected expert witnesses in such areas as accident investigation and reconstruction, forensic pathology, engineering, economics and lifecare planning.

Successful litigation of such cases also involves recognition of not only the injuries to the primary victim, but also the effects of such injuries on family, friends and associates. Our experienced, award-winning team of vereran trial lawyers, litigation paralegals and legal assistants will treat you with respect and consideration while zealously advocating for the recovery and resources to which you are entitled. If your friend or loved one has been killed or severely injured as a result of the negligence of another person, ignore the television and billboard advertisers and ask anyone about us who has had us on their side or up against them;  then please contact Rothstein Donatelli LLP for a free initial consultation.

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