Appeals and Post-Conviction

The exceptional written and oral advocacy Rothstein Donatelli provides extends to every stage of litigation, including civil and criminal appeals and other post-conviction relief. The lawyers of Rothstein Donatelli are known for developing litigation strategies, identifying, understanding and unraveling complex issues, writing thorough and well-reasoned briefs, and providing top notch oral advocacy.  Our attorneys have handled appeals regarding a wide range of issues in the civil and criminal realms, including Indian gaming, water law, tort actions, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), qualified immunity, whistleblower law and retaliatory discharge, capital crimes defense, sentencing, Fourth Amendment and search and seizure law, due process and notice in criminal cases, and double jeopardy.

In New Mexico, the lawyers of Rothstein Donatelli include a team of experienced post-conviction litigators with a proven track record. Our attorneys are experienced habeas corpus litigators, including homicide and sex crimes. They have also successfully overturned prior convictions for persons facing immigration consequences and fought for expungement of criminal records.

Rothstein Donatelli provides appellate representation in each of our three offices.  The Santa Fe and Albuquerque offices also provide representation in matters involving post-conviction relief.   A selection of representative cases is provided below, and additional cases handled by Rothstein Donatelli attorneys are listed in each attorney's biography.