Representing Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Rothstein Donatelli advocates for survivors of sexual abuse. Our civil litigators focus on the individual needs of each client, including exploring counseling services for clients and maintaining close communication. The attorneys who work on these cases understand the intricacies of these complex cases and of the impact on the survivors of this devastating abuse. Rothstein Donatelli is known for its excellent advocacy in this field, having represented numerous schoolchildren abused in cases of “passing the trash,” where serial abusers were allowed to go from school to school, as well as representing survivors of institutional abuse, such as the abuse perpetrated by predators within the Catholic Church. Combined, the attorneys handling these matters have over 100 years of experience, and they bring that, as well as their life experience, to the table in these cases.

The Survivors of Sexual Abuse practice is comprised of partners Carolyn M. “Cammie” Nichols and Carey Bhalla, and associates Arne Leonard, Roshanna Toya, and Margie Rutledge. These attorneys are licensed to practice in state and federal courts in both New Mexico and Arizona, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

We provide strong advocacy throughout the litigation process, including assessing the needs of each individual client, investigating the individuals and institutions involved, tracking down and interviewing witnesses, advocating for the client in motions practice, preparing clients to testify powerfully, strategically handling settlement negotiations, taking cases to trial, and remaining engaged all the way through appeals, as needed.

Rothstein Donatelli takes on individuals who have abused children or other vulnerable people, along with the institutions and individuals in those institutions who have covered up the abuse or protected the abusers. We stand with our survivors, working tirelessly to help them gain the tools and resources to build a positive future.

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