Criminal Defense

For over four decades, Rothstein Donatelli has vigorously represented individuals and business entities accused of criminal offenses in federal, state, and tribal courts. Our talented team of lawyers has over 100 years of combined experience in criminal defense, and includes nationally recognized experts in federal death penalty defense, veteran criminal trial litigators, and leading appellate and post-conviction lawyers, all of whom remain firmly at the vanguard of criminal defense in New Mexico.

Rothstein Donatelli has achieved extraordinary results for individuals accused of an array of offenses, including  capital offenses, terrorism offenses, complex white-collar offenses, governmental fraud, homicide and other violent offenses, sex offenses, federal drugs and weapons offenses, human trafficking, child pornography, DUI, and domestic violence. Business entities facing criminal investigations at the state and federal levels recognize Rothstein Donatelli as the go-to firm for exceptional legal representation in New Mexico.

Rothstein Donatelli has the unequaled ability to fully staff every case. From the highest-profile cases to misdemeanors, every case we take receives the attention of the most skilled and experienced attorneys, paralegals and investigators in New Mexico to ensure every client achieves the best result possible.  Should you ever face the power of the state or federal government, Rothstein Donatelli provides personal service and strong support unmatched by other firms.

Beginning January 1, 2020, New Mexicans will have the opportunity to clear their public record of criminal charges or convictions of certain offenses. The Criminal Record Expungement Act will allow people charged with or convicted of qualifying offenses to request the removal of their publicly available criminal record. Anyone charged with a crime not resulting in a conviction – that is, where the charges were dropped, the case was dismissed, or the jury acquitted – is eligible to petition for those charges to be removed (“expunged”). Convictions for certain offenses may be expunged after the required time period for that offense has passed and the court finds that justice will be served by expungement. Rothstein Donatelli can help individuals with arrest records or qualifying convictions by crafting persuasive and thorough petitions for expungement and providing vigorous legal representation throughout the expungement process.

Rothstein Donatelli's criminal practice is comprised of partners Marc Lowry, Peter Schoenburg, and Mark Donatelli, and associates Alicia C. Lopez, Kate Thompson, and Megan Dorsey.