Civil Rights and Wrongful Death

Rothstein Donatelli represents those abused by people in power, including cases where such abuse results in death.  Our civil rights and wrongful death litigators are experienced and well-respected, recognized by the community as leaders in this arena.  Rothstein Donatelli takes on instances of police abuse, including wrongful arrest and excessive use of force, as well as abuse of those incarcerated, including cases against public and private jails and prisons involving refusal to provide critical medical or mental health care, or failure to maintain a safe facility.  Additionally, the firm protects children sexually or otherwise abused by adults with authority over them, including teachers and coaches.  Combined, the attorneys handling these matters have over 100 years of experience. 

The Civil Rights and Wrongful Death practice is comprised of partners Mark H. Donatelli, Carolyn “Cammie” M. Nichols, and associates Alicia C. Lopez, Kate Thompson, Reed Bienvenu, Caroline “KC” Manierre and Arne Leonard.  These attorneys are licensed to practice in state and federal courts in both New Mexico and Arizona, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

Our strength is in providing quality representation throughout the litigation process, including assessing the needs and desires of each individual client, engaging in investigation and discovery, advocating with motions practice, strategically handling settlement negotiations, taking cases to trial, and remaining engaged all the way through appeals, as needed.

Rothstein Donatelli takes on powerful governmental and private organizations and individuals within those organizations.  We stand up for individuals who have been abused or stripped of their rights, and we help our clients recover what they have lost.