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Posted by Unknown | Feb 09, 2021

Rothstein Donatelli continues to push to hold institutions that harbor child predators accountable. In October of 2020, a judge for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Mexico ruled that the committee representing almost 400 child sexual abuse survivors could pursue lawsuits challenging the legality of the Archdiocese's transfer of property and money to its parishes in paper transactions that appear to be fraudulent attempts to shield the Archdiocese and prevent survivors from obtaining just compensation. The Archdiocese continued its efforts to avoid and delay just compensation to survivors by appealing that ruling, and then asking the Bankruptcy Court to halt all litigation related to these property transfers during the appeal. Survivors found support in the appellate court, which immediately questioned whether the Archdiocese's appeal was appropriate. That followed with an important ruling by the Bankruptcy Court on February 4, 2021, denying the Archdiocese's request to halt those cases.

The result is that survivors can continue to assert their rights and the hard work of holding the Archdiocese accountable for sheltering countless abusers for decades. We will continue to join forces with other representatives of survivors in demanding the Archdiocese provide just compensation to the survivors of its misdeeds.

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