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Posted by Isabella Pacheco | May 04, 2023

Identity theft can be devastating for victims. It often can create credit and financial problems for victims. And it also can threaten the victim's sense of security.

Identity theft can leave victims saddled with numerous problems to clean up in the wake. In some instances, a victim of identity theft may discover that the perpetrator racked up criminal charges using the stolen identity. This can unfairly leave victims with a criminal record.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can seek to expunge those criminal charges from your record. New Mexico's Criminal Record Expungement Act expressly provides for expungement of arrest records as a result of identity theft. Upon petitioning the court and demonstrating that you are the victim of identity theft, the court will order the expungement from your record of the corresponding arrest records. 

The attorneys at Rothstein Donatelli can help you navigate this process and provide you with thorough legal representation. Please contact our offices for more information.


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